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10 Terrific Tooth Tips From Southern York Smile Care

Posted:Nov 02, 2018

At Southern York Smile Care in Shrewsbury PA, the dental health of our patients is always our number one concern. With that in mind, we offer some tooth-friendly tips that can keep your smile beautiful. If you have kids and your municipal water supply does not have the recommended level of fluoride, talk to your […]

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Southern York Smile Care Has A Solution For Dental Anxiety

Posted:Oct 12, 2018

Some people experience severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. With sedation dentistry from Southern York Smile Care in Shrewsbury PA, it is possible to relax during dental procedures instead of being tense and fearful. You may want to consider oral conscious sedation if you have any of the following issues: Strong gag reflex Fear of […]

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Looking For A Great Dentist?

Posted:Sep 07, 2018

The most common way for people to find a dentist is to ask a friend or neighbor ‘Who is your dentist?’ The answer is usually followed up with an explanation about whether or not your friend likes their dentist, and whether they would recommend their Shrewsbury dentist. Patients evaluate a dental practice on the dentist’s […]

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Dental Questions? Southern York Smile Care Has Answers

Posted:Aug 03, 2018

Everyone has teeth, and proactive people want to take care of their teeth. However, many folks in Shrewsbury PA need a place where they can review basic principles of dental health and get reliable information. The Southern York Smile Care dental blog is your source for this helpful oral care information. We know that many […]

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When It’s Better Not To Brush

Posted:Jul 13, 2018

Though thin and partially translucent, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body. It has the vital job of protecting teeth from constant use and the continual assault of chemicals in food and drink. The team at South York Smile Center in Shrewsbury PA reminds you that enamel is central to your dental health. […]

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Bad Breath Treatment At Southern York Smile Care

Posted:Jun 22, 2018

Do you think you have bad breath? At Southern York Smile Care in Shrewsbury, our dentist can help patients overcome this unpleasant, irritating, and potentially embarrassing condition. Bad breath (halitosis) can occur when bacteria grows in the mouth. Breath mints and mouthwashes do not cure bad breath, they only mask the symptoms. Proper oral hygiene […]

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Mouthwash Facts and Dental Health In Shrewsbury PA

Posted:Apr 27, 2018

When is a mouthwash more than a mouthwash?  You may use mouthwash to freshen your breath. But at Southern York Smile Care in Shrewsbury PA, we remind you that it can do more than that. Mouthwash can be used to enhance your dental health. The mouthwash you find in the grocery store or your local drug […]

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