The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Posted:Mar 25, 2021

Holism is a philosophy where the entire person is considered, and it is acknowledged that all parts of the person correlate to each other. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and social factors. When speaking of dentistry, holism means all factors pertaining to the patient have significance. Disease, pain, infection are not the only things considered. […]

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Posted:Jan 28, 2017

An Easy and Often Affordable Way to Improve Your Smile in Shrewsbury Have you experienced tooth loss, whether due to trauma or some other reason? If so, you may be wondering what your options are—whether it’s denture implants or something else—and whether you can ever have the same smile you once did. The answer is […]

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Dental Implants

Posted:Aug 22, 2016

Dental Implants in Shrewsbury, PA Achieve Your Perfect Smile Dr. Steven Haywood is extremely accomplished in dental implant placement and is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Implantology is the art and science of artificially replacing teeth with bone-integrated dental anchors. It isn’t always possible to save a tooth. The treatment plan […]

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Invisalign Clear Braces

Posted:Aug 22, 2016

Invisalign® Treatment in Shrewsbury, PA Straighten Your Smile With Clear Braces Traditional braces are awkward, uncomfortable, and can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. That’s why, at Southern York Smile Care, we offer Invisalign as a more comfortable, nearly invisible way to straighten your smile. Invisalign uses clear aligners to correct teeth that are […]

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Posted:Aug 22, 2016

TMJ Treatment in Shrewsbury, PA What is TMJ Disorder? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the foundation of the chewing mechanism, located beneath the ear and connects each side of the skull to the lower jaw. The TMJ supports the motion of opening the mouth and moving the jaw. Without proper joint health and function, nothing […]

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Sedation Dentistry

Posted:Aug 22, 2016

Sedation Dentistry in Shrewsbury, PA Treat Dental Anxiety With Dr. Haywood Many patients have had traumatic experiences in dentistry or have other fears about their treatment, preventing them from getting the care they need. This can result in serious consequences, like gum disease, tooth decay, or even tooth and bone loss. At Southern York Smile […]

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Restorative Dentistry

Posted:Aug 18, 2016

Dental Bridge and Dental Crown Options in Shrewsbury Restorative dentistry is used to remove decay from teeth and bring them back to a state of natural beauty and healthy function. At Southern York Smile Care we provide a variety of treatments that are individually selected based upon your dental health needs, goals, and desires. The […]

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Gum Disease Treatment

Posted:Aug 18, 2016

Gum Disease Treatment and Prevention in Shrewsbury We are proud to say that we offer a totally different dental experience. We keep teeth clean and healthy, and focus on your comfort. Let us give your teeth the attention they deserve. Please read about all the services that we provide in the area of periodontal dentistry […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted:Aug 18, 2016

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Shrewsbury, PA Your smile is one of a kind, and it has the power to make a lasting first impression. If you’ve ever been self-conscious about your smile, you’ve come to the right place.  At Southern York Smile Care, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of with one […]

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Exams & Cleanings

Posted:Aug 18, 2016

Professional Cleanings, Exams, and X-Rays Professional cleanings performed by a licensed dentist or hygienist are just as important to your dental health as daily brushing and flossing. At Southern York Smile Care we encourage cleanings every 3 months, as we strive for “zero bleeding” and complete freedom from infection and gum inflammation. Our approach combines […]

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