Gum Lift

Dental Laser Gum Contouring in Shrewsbury PA

There is a part of your smile known as the smile line. This is the area that is visible when you smile, including the front teeth. The smile line is affected by factors such as:

  • Facial muscles
  • The size and shape of lips
  • The size and shape of teeth
  • Gum tissue

In our Shrewsbury practice, we meet with men and women who feel that their upper teeth are short, or are somehow overtaken by the amount of gum tissue that shows when they smile. Often, excessive tissue is to blame for what we call a “gummy smile,” not short teeth. Through innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures such as a laser or radiosurgery gum lift, a York county or New Freedom area patient who has a smile that is affected by too much gum tissue can have it corrected as part of a comprehensive and through approach to exquisite smile rejuvenation.

Using Technology for a Beautiful Smile!

We use modern-day technology to correct gummy smiles and in so doing achieve the ideal smile that you may not have been born with. Ideal proportions of the teeth are achieved by surgically moving the gums upward on the upper teeth when this is needed.

One of the technologies we use to minimize surgery is to move teeth with Invisalign clear braces. A precise knowledge of how to achieve gum lifting allows Dr. Haywood to achieve some of his best makeovers in greater York county, PA when they are required.

Every treatment plan is devised based on the patient’s unique set of circumstances and physical makeup. When a small movement of the gum or just a little reshaping is needed, we can use the latest radio-surgical technology in almost all of our cases. When a major gum lift or minor gum recontouring is required, Dr. Haywood performs his hallmark procedure – The Haywood surgical smile makeover. This procedure combines the necessary surgery with same day, customized veneer restorations in our practice, which uniquely allows us to guide tissue healing and anticipate the ideal cosmetic result immediately. Undergoing the Haywood surgical smile makeover, you walk out of our office with an amazing gum and smile transformation!

If you live in the New Freedom – York area and have been living with a gummy smile, contact us for your gum lift consultation with Dr. Haywood at our Shrewsbury dentist office!

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