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The smile is vital to a great first impression. When you are not fully satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you may try and hide them. However, in so doing, you hide the best part of your personality from those around you. Hiding your smile behind a hand or closed lips can make you seem shy and timid, or even unfriendly, and can thus impact your interactions in the workplace as well as in social settings.

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Cosmetic dentistry includes various treatments that can improve and enhance the smile, brightening, straightening, or covering teeth to eliminate chips, grinding wear, cracks, gaps, and other aesthetic imperfections. Many of the cosmetic procedures performed today require a commitment, however, and many patients feel a bit of apprehension in changing their smiles. To help you understand what cosmetic dental treatment can do for you and help us devise the most suitable plan of action; we incorporate cosmetic imaging into our Shrewsbury, PA area practice.

I have always felt that providing a patient with cosmetic dentistry extends beyond the basic creation beautiful teeth. Correcting or enhancing the teeth actually improves your entire appearance! Having worked on Extreme Makeover, I have spoken with certain ABC executives who have said, “all that is really needed for and extreme makeover is the hair and the smile.” When we evaluate our clients’ digital photographs using computer dental imaging, as we do in our York, PA area practice, we can immediately change and improve the smile. Then and there, the importance of a naturally beautiful smile becomes extremely obvious.

These “before and after” demonstrations are part of every one of our cosmetic evaluations for New Freedom and North Baltimore county area patients. Using the cosmetic imaging computer, we can work together to plan for the changes and improvements you would like to see as I help you unlock the essence of beauty in your new smile.

Contact us to get a sneak peek of your enhanced smile if you are in the Shrewsbury PA area!

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